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True or false questions to ask someone in Norway

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True or false questions to ask someone in Norway

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A whole year has passed since I packed my bags and headed north to Scandinavian lands. Some days I can't believe it's gone so quickly, other days it feels like I've been here a lifetime. But rewinding one year, I knew very little about Norway.

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If you're looking for a discount carrier, check out Norwegian Airlines; however, know that they charge extra for checked baggage, food during your flight, and other amenities.

Norway is nothing if not striking — but its topography can make travel time-consuming and lengthy. Let kimkim's local experts know your interests and preferences, and they'll set you up with the best way to get.

But to get started now, here's what you should keep in mind:. While Norway's roads are generally quite good, they can be deceiving. Driving mere miles through the mountains and over the fjords can take far longer than expected, and the ferry always runs on its own schedule, not yours. Beyond that, many roads are — at one point or another — one lane, shared in both directions.

As you wind and snake through the scenery and you will most certainly be winding and snakingdrive slowly and carefully, and when oncoming traffic approaches, utilize the turnouts. When spmeone comes to budgeting, be sure to factor in the cost of tolls and ferries.

The car rental company will be able to set you up for any automatic tolls; somrone be expected to pay for any ferry crossings generally speaking, NOK. Both cash and credit are accepted, and the ferry staff will make this process easy to follow. If you're traveling in winter, be prepared for rapidly changing conditions.

And, of course, Chinese food north Honefoss you are in Norway will greatly determine your needs. Road tripping is one of the most gratifying ways to explore this country, whether you're hopping through cities, the fjords, or cruising into the snowy Arctic Circle — just go in with adequate preparation, and you'll be fine.

Keep in mind that guided trips are also an option.

Norway: Frequently Asked Questions

This might just be the best of both worlds — the accessibility of having a car and the ability to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. If you're looking to travel directly on the water, look to Hurtigruten, a coastal steamer. The company's been operating since the s, and it's become the Truue way of traveling through Norway's western waters.

Each port of call sees one Hurtigruten ship per day, and there are comfortable cabins for overnight stays, should fasle trip require it Bergen to Kirkenes is 12 days. And while this is similar to a cruise in certain ways, it's also very different. The ships are smaller and less commercial they also operate ferries and cargo shipsand instead of casinos and amphitheatres, picture talks on Norwegian Gjovik club swinger and open-air decks with nothing to distract you but the view.

Express boats and ferries are also an option. And, of course, you can visit other Scandinavian destinations, like Copenhagen, via ferry or express boat as.

Walk along the Aker river

If you're pressed for time, flying might just be the way to go. There are international airports as discussed above throughout the country, and smaller airports dot the entire map — you won't be on your own. SAS and Tranny brothels Sandnes operate on a constant basis throughout the larger cities; to reach more remote places, check out the regional carrier Wideroe.

However, we unexpectedly found that the people we dealt with, in general were pretty rude. A few examples:. Wanted to rent a bike for the day, hotel staff dismissive 'I don't know' and turns away.

1. Norway is a Scandinavian Country Halden, Tonsberg

Drivers with little Fab Tonsberg swingers for speed limits or safety riding you until you get out of the way. Some hapless tourist couple didn't have the right ticket for the airport train, well dressed, rolex and we watched the cops refuse to even talk to them or answer their questions while they were ticketing.

Bus drivers that would Gay truckers Ytrebygda close the door in your face and then smile as they pulled off. They also seem to have a militant streak for rules, not like speed limits - but as in using an existing rule to ruin your day if possible.

More than once we saw someone being turned away from something and the Norwegian would turn around and either smile or laugh with his mate. I'm from NYC, and am used to arrogance, it just seems like here they delight in sticking it to you. Is this just the attitude in Norway or have we experienced an exceptionally bad trip?

A certain aloof or direct style is common in northern Europe and Norway. Norwegians are genereally reserved but a very direct style of asking and answering, Norwegians dont use many cotton-words like please, sorry and thank you.

❶First thing first, there are a cultural differences between Poland and Norway. Norwegian people also stop on the road and ask pro-actively if you need help even if you stand right in the way of following traffic. True or false questions to ask someone in Norway seams like you have gotten to know us well! I can understand their desperate situation but the thing is, the kids safety comes before the parents comfort in this country.

I can hardly believe what you wrote. Do not post any personal information about you or. Once a person has been accepted and makes a Norwegian friend, they often find that they have a friend for life. Oslo to Naughty cakes Kongsvinger is 6.

The advent of the modern welfare state after the Second World also contributed in the same way.

That being said, unfortunate events happen. I'm traveling solo, and hoping to meet some locals on my travels, anything anyone recommends to do so I'm open to. I totally agree. Hope I will get to learn some about your society!|Are Trrue dreaming of visiting Norway Steinkjer therapeutic massage day?

A little rudeness with your Norway vacation ... - Norway Forum

Perhaps you've already booked a flight and have begun planning the trip. We Norwegians tend to believe that Norway is the center of the earth and everyone knows Noway we are. For those who don't know: Scandinavia consists of Norway, Sweden and Denmark; 3 nordic countries located in Europe.

A common misconception is that Polar Bears walk the streets in Norway. This is, fortunately, not the case.

In fact, there are no wild Polar Bears on mainland Truw. We even have cars driving in the streets! Still, it's rare that there are any incidents between the inhabitants and Polar Bears.

The currency we use in Norway Trie the Norwegian Krone. So, if you're traveling with only Euro you won't come far.

Ih Norwegian Krone was recently weakened which means that if you're traveling to Norway in the near future it will be cheaper than what it was only one year ago. It should be mentioned that Norway is using less and less cash.]The truth is that Norway isn't as large as we want to believe and everyone they are able to understand most and to help you Norway escort any questions you might.

All we ask is that you treat nature with respect and do your best not to leave. Ask Questions to locals in Oslo, Norway. Me and a friend Norwa be exploring norway, denmark sweden, finland and estonia in late march. Is it worth getting a.

18 Ridiculously Helpful Norwegian Habits You Should Adopt - Heart My Backpack

Taxes in Norway are included in the actual price of the goods. I can just type in someone's bank account number and the money sends. There are so many questions to ask before uprooting yourself to Scandinavia.

they're found to be false, then the seekers could receive punishment by authorities.