Various forums are full of thre from those who believe their "SO" ificant other was on the site. But users of the dating site are also turning to the web for help. For the purposes of jtaly article, we will refer to her as "Amy". She has been married to her husband for 10 years.

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She had heard advertisements for Ashley Madison on local radio, so a year ago she ed up and began looking for a man with whom to have a relationship.

However, she says she never messaged anyone and soon closed down itayl. But six months ago she created another and this time she wanted to address questions she had about her sexuality by contacting other women.

Married women chats italy

This time she did find someone to talk to. They ed one another, she says, for several weeks.

Married women chats italy

She was someone who had been married for a while [and] she had always been curious about that side of herself. They were due to to meet, but at the last moment Maried called it off.

Married women chats italy

She says she became fearful and began to feel that her marriage was something she didn't want to jeopardise. She has distracted herself with work for now, but comments that she feels stressed and that the episode has affected her sleep.

Married women chats italy

The site was officially launched in Europe in December InGleeden opened to the public in Australia and New Zealand. It is a brand of Blackdivine Group. A subscriber can purchase credit packs in order to communicate with other members.

Members pay a one-time fee of credits to participate in an or chat conversation with another member.