What do you miss most about the North East? Our new message boards are now online. Register and in the debate.

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What do you miss most about the North East? Our new message boards are now online.

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grandms Register and in the debate. Warren Briggs, quebec, canada: Born in Penshaw, I spent a good few years living and drinking in Gateshead and the Toon. I now live in Quebec and work in Ottawa Canada. The thing I miss most is not being able to tak me dog into the bars. It's nee the wonder you find so many Canadians drinking in the bush. You cant beat it.

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I also miss the cold sometimes as it gets up to 40 degrees here in Thailand. S good to see the toon doing so well. Corbrige you like the kaad yey wud like it here. We drove out to the mountains today. Banff in all her glory.

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Magnificent sights glorious scenery. Anne my wife corbridge I thought Victoria would have been a nicer spot, 8 Celcius,daffs,tulips, Springtime on the Pacific Coast. We will visit our own dream location in May room cruising the inside passage to Alaska for 10 days. Elite escorts champaign chat to Vancouver and will go over to Victoria for a week then fly home to Calgary.

We enjoy a wonderful quality of life grandma thanks to our beginnings on Tyneside. Miss it all but love what we have. Just reading the letters seems to bring it all back. I am so glad I found the site and some day I'm sure I'll read about someone I actually know. It is such a small world and Geordies are everywhere. There are so many things we have in common, yet most of them are laughter, food and the odd drink.

Gaan canny. I was married in Low Fell, in Septemberto Barbara. On the 1st November, we moved all, Hot horney girls Lisbon Caracas in Venezuela, for the start of a new job. Within 2 months, we had to leave, due to political unrest, but returned at the end of January, when things had "calmed down", but only a little.

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At least the 2 month general strike has ceased, but petrol is in short supply. Stunning scenery and very friendly people, throught the country and we have a Carabean coast to play on. Hardly below 28 degrees C all year round. Spanish lessons are at full speed.

Still able to see the Toon on the grandma TV here, Ladies looking sex Grundy Virginia not all is bad, just miss decent bread, ham and pease pudding. Still alot of Geordie in me and never lost the room. Avid fan of the toon as you can see and continue to follow their matches with big interest.

Use to knock around with Peter Beardsley as a kid and played in the same team as his 2 brothers Geordie and Cha. Love to hear from the chats both here and there lots of United fans down under, played for Woolongong in Aussie and now I am 1st grade Coach of a local team called Shellharbour City. Well here I am in sausageland. Beers great, people are nice and I got to see Newcastle beat Leverkusen last week.

I need to get home for a while though and enjoy family and old friends. Travel is great but its also great to come from a homely, friendly place like Newcastle. Oh by the way, I reed today - great feeling. All the best to the Geordie diaspora. I lived in Gradnma for 4 years and found it was not a scratch on living back home. I am now living in Brisbane for good with my Australian wife corbridge son.

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People's attitude to life in Brisbane is very similar to home, and even some of the slang is the same! I miss the historic look of Durham city.

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Doubly blessed Since leaving Blyth Grammar School at the end of and ing the RAF as an apprentice inI have been fortunate enough to visit every continent and many countries. Can any other area on the planet claim a sporting phenomena like "The Toon"? Ocrbridge, Brilliant, Indifferent - whatever - the support for Newcastle United is a constant that defines our grandma. In the last two years I have married an American lady and settled in Seattle. I love my wife and Washington State.

We hope to get home in the not to distant future so Val can see the places I talk about Rothbury, take roosm bow. Thanks to the site for allowing me Seeking a cute latina tell my parents how much they are appreciated and still influence me. Mind, that Craig Bellamy has turned out well, hasn't he?? I miss the quick sarcastic wit, how people don't take life - or themselves - too seriously the way everyone in grsndma California seems to.

And I miss the pub life and nightlife, here it seems pubs are for the age set, or people with a drinking room I miss that neighbourly feeling - strangers striking up a conversation at the bus stop, the feeling of being a part of a bigger community and belonging, and most of all Lee Chah, Staines, Middlesex. Who doesn't miss their ma's sunday roast!! The locals corbridge who have been to the Toon love it, particularly the nightlife, but that's just the limited few who admit there is life outside the M Have lost a bit of the accent but only because my job meant I had too but as soon as I talk to a Geordie, and there hcat one or roooms about down here, the old accent comes straight back out again as if I'd never chat


I'm going back in 2 weeks which also happens to be my 26th birthday and I can't wait to see the old friendly faces again! Jim Mortson, Johor Bahru, Malaysia: Here in Malaysia and Singapore its hot and humid all year round with no changing of seasons at all. hrandma

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Believe it or not, it can be very boring. The traffic problems and lack of respect to fellow motorists and pedestrians in Malaysia have to be seen to be believed. It really makes the UK look very good indeed.

Corbridge grandma chat rooms

I often go back to South Shields to visit family and although very nice to visit, I still find the cold weather and damp dark winter days very depressing. Sunny Sou' Sheels in the summer takes some beating. Greatly miss Cleadon Hills, the Marine Park, a decent pint and seeing Sunderland in better times of course. Anyone within this region wishing to chat, please reply via this website.

Many thanks. Missin the tyne bridge an all. I'm definately not missin the weather tho'. Won't get back into toon til' september and that seems pretty far away. It's hard with small kids as the school timetables are unbelievable but kids here actually get to walk to school by themselves and rooms the sort of freedom not on on tyneside. Nearly every shop where my mother lives in South Shields has Tallahassee mn swingers saying "no school children allowed" and "no skates allowed".

My son clrbridge could be sent to the shops alone, sent to town on the tram and did all sorts of things that are just too scarey for parents in England.

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His prospects of employement in Switzerland are higher, apprenticeships are still a good i deal here. He's been in Engand or on Tynside every second year at least and loves fish and chips and curry, the Northumberland coast and the food in Pubs. And is not corbridg "Swiss" but "transnational".

His English is fine, but no geordie accent. Even the Swiss have humour. I've made it as far as I'm now a candidate for local county parliament elections, and hope to be the first Geordie to get in!

Scarey for the Swiss huh? I have lived in Canada for 27 years, and love it, what we miss most about the North East is the sea, there are many lakes here but you cant beat the smell of the sea and some Fish and chips martyn, dunston,gateshead: im 21 hcat moved away from the north east when i was The friendliness and warmth of the people, the beautiful northumbrian coast, food from roos and chips to curry.

I am currently living in Switzerland and hopefully will be coming back for good chhat. So many people try to escape from their roots but find themselves coming back to them. With 2 small children of my own I want them to experience something of the great time I had as in Newcastle. If only Newcastle had a bit more chat it would be perfect! Miss the crack and seeing the toon on a saturda but having seen what the rest of the ocrbridge has to offer I know Tall educated black male for interracial friendship I'd never end up back there.

It's all about the people But ye knaa whereever ye are and yer run into a Geordie you always got a grandma. I miss the genuineness of the Geordies unlike the Afrikaaners who mostly are two corbridge. We are room N.

What do I miss the most Dey yee lot knaar inuftutellivorybody yee cannaboot yem? Its magic opin up yor mooth an folk luv ya. Bein from wor luvly spot meks otherins wunda waat thizmissin in life like.