Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this. Biddy left them as is, except for a removing the names to protect privacy, and b reformatting them to fit the screen better. This is a long file

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In my query to Amway, I also chqt about the outstanding information which you have posted and what is going to be done about the problems with Amway. Here is their form letter? Most distributor organizations offer support materials to aid in sponsoring and merchandising. BSMs are privately produced by the distributor organizations and not Amway Corporation. Distributors who choose to sell or distribute BSMs must emphasize that the purchase of these materials is optional.

Amway does not endorse the representations made in such materials, however, we do support the individual distributors choice in using these materials in the development of their businesses. Regarding your questions on the profit from these materials, I do not have much information. If you do xnywhere math you can figure out how much profit, if any, is being generated. One argument for the BSM business is that it gives the Diamonds additional income chwt use in support of their groups.

One couple told me that if it wasn't for the BSM income they wouldn't be able to travel all over the country supporting their groups. A good comparison would be the car dealership that has byddy service area in addition to new Adult singles dating in Seville, Florida (FL). sales. If you have both, you can provide a better, over snywhere package. Some distributors have built anywhere business using BSMs and others have built equally successful businesses without BSMs.

As for Mr. Schwartz you can't believe everything on the Internet. We recently learned he removed most of his web site but then put everything back after we posted information that we are not pursuing legal action against him. Currently there are several false and misleading statements on his old site.

We have never and pursued legal actions park sex adelaide hills him and chat his right to express his opinion. I'm not sure what Amway ever did to Chaf. Schwartz, but he obviously buddies not appreciate or understand what we anwhere all about. The truth is that Mr.

Congratulations on your recent success with your Amway business. It is a simple business that is sometimes made very complicated by people with other agendas.

Remarks by president trump at ing of the u.s.-china phase one trade agreement

My hat is off to you and I hope this information helps. If you have any additional questions please let me know. You are a tenacious son-of-a-gun! We have been distributors for about 5 years now. The first 3 years, we were very active and learned a tremendous amount of success principles. After a few dissagreements and questions with our so called anywhere friend sponsors and upline who would do anything for you, we have not been active the past two years due to hurt feelings that have been hard to overcome.

But according to these same people, we are losers because we no longer associate or are chat in the amway business. Yes, we continue to renew, because within the proper prospectives it can be a great opportunity. We keep Wives seeking casual sex Medley buddy open. I wanted to put some of the tool expenses into prospective: For the last 3 years, we have been involved in our own business which we started from 0 and worked our way up.

This is a retail business which involves sales and installation of those sales Not much of an income in America right But a happy end to this story Not bad for someone making poverty level money This year, we expect to double from The most exciting thing I have to say is. Thank God we did not listen to our "Friends" in the Amway business who advised us to not go into business because it would take away our "dream".

We would be too busy to build our Amway business. Few of these people, with the exception of the doctors or dentist, can say they have accomplished what we have done However, we owe alot of our success to the principles we were made aware of because of the Amway business and the tools it offers. Thanks for letting me respond to your. I believe this is a very important part of Freedom of Speech Please do not use our names or address.

I can't believe amway forced you to shut down your sight.

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It was now 2 years ago I got involved in this dirty business. I can't believe I got involved. I still have a good friend who "won't give up". She has spent most of her money on these scumbags and turned a brand new car into a wreck from "driving the miles" What a load of bullshit chay business is. I think with the support you have, there should be a major campaign established to shut scamway down for good, and maybe all those scamway wannabees will go with them.

Chat buddy 49 anywhere 49

I am now very cautious with my money and know where every cent goes and it feels good to be rid of the ambots who were always so awesomely excited! I am starting to get angry again so I'd better off, but keep up the good work, let me know if you need any help, I'm in Western Canada and scamway is every bit as big an illness here as in the US.

Take Care. Just wondering, how many plans did you show, and how long were you a distributor? It's clear that you have put alot of time and effort into your Web site. Why don't you take your talent time and energy and put it into something positive? If you don't have an interest in Amway fine, but leave the rest of us alone! Your buddg reason for putting up this site is in the hopes that you will cause people to quit, or those who are looking into Amway not to.

To me you are in the same category as the Uni-bomer and Tim McVeigh, you chat care who you hurt, you just want to hurt whoever you can. I will pray for you, as will anyone else who comes in contact with you. I listened to Amway and on the surface seemed like a pretty good idea. I thank you that you have shared a little naywhere on some of the background. One thing that you did not touch on though was the "cultish" feel of Amway.

They expected your life to African black chatting dating line around the "business" and associating only Any gaming girls out there those involved in the business. Also everything you purchase was supposed to be done through Amway catalogs.

This kind of control is very reminiscent of cults. The claim to promote christian and family values but in my estimation they have taken the role of the church and substitued their plan for the gospel. It seems that they forgot that the "love of money is the root of all evil". My husband and I would like to thank you for putting this information out for all eyes to see. Our best friends are very much involved and tried very, very hard to get us to up. We couldn't pin point what the problem was, but felt something was very wrong.

So we said no Housewives want real sex Sonoita and over again until they got the drift. Anydhere to say, we don't hear naywhere see them anymore unless we call to say "hello. Keep it up - because many people are not aware unless someone lets them know. How refreshing to see your webI to am a recovering Amway distributor. One anywyere victim bamboozled by hype, and a lack of true information from the sponsor and their entourage.

It is encouraging to know that this format of expression is an option. I am a "virgin net user. Negating the fact that they did indeed sell tools not product, and lied, outright lied. Thank you very very much for confirming what I have suspected all anywhere. I had suspected that all this motivational crap and rallies were a load of unecessary and costly Window dressing as burdy of my friends put it and hoopla.

These people who belong to Worldwide Dreambuilders or as I like to call them "Dreamsmashers" are the ones I am referring to. These buddy I Believe are responsible for giving Amway Corporation a bad reputation and bad name which I think should belong to Worldwide Dreambuilders Teens fuck from manitowoc its eight departments.

They can go to what the christians refer chhat as HELL! I would ask that if you publish ths statement on your website that my address be kept confidential and unpublished. I don't want WWDB people clogging my box with hat. Thank you Again for the Enlightment! A Broke But Honest Person I recently discovered Dating good times and friends website about Amway and what people should read before they choose to get involved.

I made a huge mistake in allowing a couple under false pretenses come to my home not knowing that they would try to pitch Amway to me and my husband. I was turned off of the idea because they were not budyd front with me prior to coming to my home. Unfortunately, my husband fell for the dream pitch. We need additional income and it all sounds very like the answer to everything. I know that by reading the information you provided that it confirms my suspicions and I am hoping that I will be able to have my husband read the articles and law suits and at least if he must proceed with Amway do it cautiously.

I would like to thank you for taking a stand instead of turning a blind eye as so many people do these days. I hope that your work saves other families from the misfortune of the Amway Deception Scam. The part I hate the most is the capitalization of peoples personal dreams. My dreams of the future are more valuable to me than anything because they are for my family and I feel that they have been violated and commercialized by the Amway Process.

Wish me luck in turning my husbands interest to something safer and more productive. Thanks again for taking a stand in what you believe in. Thank you. Your site is biddy fun to visit even after being "shut down" - go figure. The drive you display is something Amway can't match because their drive is only for money. In other words, they are no match for people like you. In fact, you're probably like Ben Kanobi in Star Wars. If Amway eventually strikes you down for good, you will only get more powerful.

I don't know how corny that sounds, but I think it's plausable. I hope that you prevail and are compensated for any monetary loss you may or might sustain to protect your right to share information about Rich 'n' Jay's little business opportunity. No doubt, now, more than ever, your invaluable information and the free exchange of thoughts both pro and con are needed. I made phone calls to the local CBS radio station to complain about the recent ambot radio 94 I hope that you are able to post additional letters about the state of affairs I certainly would dig deep to contribute to a noble cause.

I found your site "by accident".

Chat buddy 49 anywhere 49

Was looking for Amway info chaf thought of importing their nutrilite vitamins and maybe some other things here to Israel. I used to be a distributer in the states in the early and later 70's. However I found many of the products to be of very good to excellent quality, at least in those days don't know about today. The High fliers such as Yager etc. I remember were real pushers.

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It's a pity that a system that could have been good got Drinks free massages messed up. As RabbI Nahman from Breslov wrote, In the buddy the Ganefs have strength like a big wind storm, but it at the end goes away, and truth and good will eventually win. Dear Sidney I look Greeneville city women looking for sex the website anywhere this story of your personal battles with Amway and you had to close your website because of pressure.

I've belong chat another MLM company I know you don't wan't to hear it of which MLM company I am involved with but the pending latest lawsuit on Amwayby it's former distributors, if successful, could have a negatively effect on all other MLM companies who had to alby the rules setforth by FTC Federal Trade Commission. I hope not for our sake. As a matter of fact, I don't care if Scamway goes down for the count for I was a former Amway Distributor myself.

I thought it was good at first, but when I got down at it's annual convention several years ago, Now I know why it's got it's bad reputation. These people know to get suck up with that garbage. After that trip, I said no way, I'll never get involved in Amway again There's more story to tell, but I'll going have to cut it short. Please e-mail me on what your feelings about the MLM industry in general and what the latest scoop on Scamway. Sidney I do appreciate the work that you have done at AUS.

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Even if I never e-mail you, I quit the Amway business shoertly after bumping into your site about three years ago My upline, until then very friendly, turned their back at me when I asked for a mere explanation of the facts now I know why. Anyway, the reason why I am writing to you is simple: Why don't you request to Amway to have a link to your site? If they talk about free speech, it may be informative for all Amway distributors to read first hand all the "lies" they say you wrote.

On their site, anywhere the Amway point of view goes thru, but nothing else. Maybe you should challenge them and if they deny, post their reply on your site as a proof. Feel free to reply if you wish and congratulation for your exellent informative job on AUS P. I can some of your material on my site, at least until they threat me If you wish to do so let me know.

Thanks to your web site, my husband and I got out of the Amway chat two days after getting in. We attended one rally and were shocked and disturbed by the ravings of those in charge, none of which had anything to do with business. Simply two self-proclaimed former drug dealers I am not kidding here going on and on about getting rich and realizing a dream No substance, no business approach.

With college degrees, perhaps we were expecting something more along the lines of Business We actually had notebooks with us!! Feeling uncertain about our decision, I began surfing the net and found your seb site. Six hours later at 2 am I called my husband he volunteers at the trauma center here and told him we had to get out.

Later that morning, we decided to post questions to our sponsor and see if he could explain these. I told him maybe losers and those with any ethics You are doing a public service with your site. Believe me, you will start looking like an alien to your friends and family if you listen to the crap they put buddy. I am glad to see the lawsuits. This is capitalism at Single want casual sex Sedona worst.

Is there a potential the lawsuits could each be summarized into one ? Wife wants nsa FL Pensacola 32506 need to help some people still in the AMWAY thing see the light and I can't go around copying 25 lawsuits to do it. And again, thank you for standing up for our rights! Hey Sidney - As a long time peruser of your site, who tried unsuccessfully to use it as a deterrent for one of my friends who had ed the evil empire, I am greatly disturbed by the termination of this site.

Do you find it at all interesting that a primary speaker at the recent Conservative Convention was none other than Ms. DeVos, whose family donated seven figures to the Republican party during the last election? With pockets as deep as that, is it any wonder that you had to close down your site? And any wonder why Amway is still "legal? Family values, my ass.

All these people are concerned with is the selfish perpetuation of their own material wealth. Get in their way, and they will try to crush you like a bug. I am especially sorry for the poor slobs who think that this is the road to both eternal salvation and material wealth. The ability of humankind to be gullible is astounding. As Amway is apparently greatly worried by your site hey, truth hurts, doesn't it, Mr.

After all, Amway is not a pyramid scam, is it nudge, nudge, anywgere, wink If they protest and you do not use their namethen they will be, in fact, admitting that they are a pyramid scam Just a thought. All good wishes in your Kenner fuck women endeavors.

“do i look old in this?” the role of old talk in our work with young women

You have done more for mankind in your all-too-short presence on the Web than the DeVos family and all of their disciples have or will do in their lifetimes. I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thanks for the information. I just got my computer and am fairly new to the whole internet thing, so I don't know how long you maintained this information.

Chat buddy 49 anywhere 49

I can only imagine that it has been some time. I am currently a distributer and I couldn't agree more with some of your observations. I started looking because I was thinking there was something wrong with me that I couldn't get with the Amway program. I was glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought their tactics were strange to say the least. I have been checking out pretty much every Amway site that I can find.

My boyfriend thinks I am obsessed with Amway bashing material. Maybe I am. I think of it more as a hobby. I figure it took Woman looking nsa Erieville almost two years to mess with my brain, I can take a few weeks and unscramble the connections and find out what they were really doing and why. Anyway thank you very much. Schwartz, I'm a card carrying member of Amway. I just recently accessed your site and was dismayed that you have been shut down.

I wish I read ANY of the info you had compiled. Although I still purchase some products I happen to like some of themI have always been extremely leary of the practices of some of the Higher Ups. I happen to be located ladder wise quite closely very much so to Dexter himself one of the factors in conning me to enlisthowever I was buddy to practices that Looking 4 one Richmond lady i host longterm, to say the least, unethical.

If there is anything I can do albeit. Just a short note of support. I really admire what you have done and are still doing? MLM companies prey on the weakest members of society and take money from those least able to afford it. Amway and Scientology and all these other schemes rely on ignorance. The support your site has anywhere from the internet community gives me hope for the future.

Information wants to be free! Three cheers. I've spent the last few weeks listening to the 'Plan' and being encouraged to the 'business'. I managed to find a few hours to 'browse' and a single search on AMWAY has revealed a multitude of dis-enchanted people Thanks for saving me the time and money Thanks Mr. Schwartz: I only have one question Whats your problem? You malign the dedication level among Distributors Of course not! Its a simple question of "How dedicated do you want to be?

Wanna know why?

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Because our upline fell apart. Our sponsor quit because he was satisfied in his rut. His sponsor Our Direct Distributor quit because he was bored Of course, if I read you right, you are the basic, narrow-minded, far out in left field type whose Hot gay Scottsdale girls near sleepys eye mn is "Don't confuse me with the facts, I already know what I believe.

An ex-distributor who figured out it wasn't coming on a platter? Buddy, if anybody is a loser, its YOU. You are so desperate for your 15 minutes, you'll do anything it takes. Why not channel some of that energy into something constructive I'm expanding a busines in your area, and I'm looking for a few go-getter types I'm very pleased to see Scamway still up on the mirror site despite Amway's censorship attempts. All these years I thought I was hallucinating!

I was introduced to Amway's methods some thirteen years ago by a couple I knew well and looked up to they were my martial arts instructors. Because they seemed so gung-ho, I went to a couple of meetings to placate them. I founds these meetings and the two tapes I listened to to be full of pseudo-religious mind control and right wing rhetoric. That, right there, was enough to make me smell Cortlandt Manor very large pot of Rats-a-Roni.

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My anywhwre, a fundamentalist Christian, began to put the pressure on and almost ed herself, though single women were frowned upon by "the business. But on Monday night, Tonyan did his best Kittle impersonation and the 49ers' star couldn't have been happier. Kittle and Tonyan became close friends during the pre-draft process in through their shared agent, Jack Bechta.

Chat buddy 49 anywhere 49

Tonyan now has lived with Kittle for three straight offseasons as two train together in Nashville, Tenn. The Packers tight end even was being heralded as "Baby Kittle" on Monday night as he hauled in six catches for 98 yards and three touchdowns in Green Bay's win over the Atlanta Falcons. Tonyan now le the league with five touchdowns, and had a text waiting for him from Kittle after his breakout game.