Haley Weiss It was an extremely mundane glimpse into the new reality for many Americans.

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Haley Weiss It was an extremely mundane glimpse into the new reality for many Americans. In the past week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has made a series of recommendations for social distancingthe primary tactic for slowing the spread of the coronavirus currently threatening to overwhelm the American health-care system. Everyone who can stay home has been asked to do hete as much as possible.

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Bars, restaurants, schools, libraries, community centers, and movie theaters in some cities and states are closed by order of the government, under threat of arrest. The people with the types of jobs that permit them to work from home indefinitely are discouraged from clogging public transit.

Still, we are getting chag in weird ways. The other day, while I ate lunch, I kept replaying a video of a friend softening butter in her palm. Without a steady stream of brunch photos, beach-vacation selfies, and horribly loud concert footage in which the singer is not even recognizable, platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have mutated into hyper-intimate scrapbooks of days spent cooped up inside.

Some light comes through, casting a small glow on the top left of the air conditioner.

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The wall is an undecorated slab of beige. In the midst of a pandemic, kids with smartphones and wireless access and unlimited free time are showing us what a room looks like globally. American teenagers are watching TikTok videos from countries that are two or three weeks ahead of the United States in quarantine measures, peering into the life caer will soon be living. In Italy, people are leaning out of windows to look at one another.

Friends are ritualizing FaceTime and sending calendar invitations to videoconferencing happy hours, during Wives want nsa Madras they might appear in bathrobes or sitting next to spouses.

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Are bored in the house, in the house bored?🏠 here are 10 things to do!

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The internet is the perfect place to discover one without having to leave your home. Like history?

Times writer Sonja Sharp has activities that can help you get through the day. Or you can host a.

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For more global mapping of the pandemic, check John Hopkins. To understand why social distancing works and how crucial it is right now, check out this simulation of the spread. Basics about how to protect yourself and public health updates are available through The Center for Disease Borrd and Prevention.

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Know your labor rights. If you lost your job or lost hours because of the pandemic, you can apply for unemployment. The details are here.

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The city of Los Angeles has opened an emergency microloan program for small businesses. We explain it here. Additional reporting by Matt Brennan.