Kaitlyn Tiffany Far more girls are on TikTok than boys, and most of the teens achieving viral fame seem to be girls. But going viral can set up the potential for bizarre consequences and new pressures. When teens are suddenly hit with the less fun side of fame, it can be scary and confusing for both them and their parents, who might not know what their kids are up to at all. Mooptopia did not respond to several requests for an interview. Every major cultural trend that has come from TikTok is a girl-culture trend: VSCO girls, e-girls, the bigter created by girls and copied by other girls.

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Every major cultural trend that has come from TikTok is a girl-culture trend: VSCO girls, e-girls, the dances created by girls and copied by other girls. Some teenagers have gotten so famous that they now have devoted fandoms, much the same as pop stars or politicians.

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Faith Hall, a year-old from Washington who runs a Mooptopia fan on Tumblr, was drawn to Moop—whose username is abbreviated as such by her fans, because of the mystery. When her took off in July, there were conspiracy Naughty Addison women singles about Moop, because she got so big with seemingly zero effort.

Hall remembers the first Moop video she saw: Mooptopia was in a parking lot, mouthing the lyrics to a song and doing strange moves.

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The predominantly young girls who run the s—the first one I messaged was 14— adore her. They make fan art.

They buy her used clothes on the resale app Depop, as well as the T-shirts and stickers she sells. They keep a history of each time she likes or comments on their content. They chart her growth on TikTok, congratulating her when she hits important milestones. But networks of fan s exist for pretty much anyone who has made it big on the platform.

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In the aftermath of the Great Depression, millions found hope in the tap dances of Ot Temple; the entertainment industry helped turn Britney Spears into an object for young girls to worship. But the speed with which this kind of fame can happen on TikTok comes with all sorts of new considerations. The devotion and nonstop attention itself can be hard to contend with, especially for teens.

Mooptopia ran up against the pressures of fame within the first few weeks of grasping it.

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That is, if you think it deserves it. Being ghosted may feel awful, but it's completely up to you whether to give someone who ghosted you another chance. Then, read it again.

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This means they " into it than is actually there," says Richardson. The person who ghosted you may just be bored or need something from you, and you might misinterpret that and be back tto planning your wedding.

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