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This And a thousand. You you let you chst that you do. Baby Be you? And You you. These people you and then. Before it's gone. Good morning and welcome bendiggo today's online service here coming to you live from the clays backyard. Thank you for having us a pleasure to have you here and everyone else to have you here excellent well, let's kick in to things we got the team ready to lead us in praise and worship.

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Get off your seat and let's get into it this morning. Hey church. It's so great to have you with us. Why don't you us and praise and worship this morning. The fire the To Do the sweet? Don't you. Like that I see.

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I can't resist. Save you. I never. This Will. I have been. Lord we just thank you that your presence. He's just been us wherever we are this morning and God we give you praise and glory and we just come into your presence just to be and worship with you. Oh god. I love to hear it's the sound of the Savior as he walks into the room where people play where we have praises he's faith. There is a sound. I love to hear the sound of the walks into the room where people pray when we worship.

Faith Seeing his singing his praises.

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Sing his praises sing his praises. Sing praise. Sing it out.

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We see you. We feel. We're just seeing your King of Kings and Lord. We see your breath.

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Thanks to our team for as always a great time of worship, it's wonderful as we come into the presence of God through worship and through prayer and this morning, we're just gonna come and take a couple of minutes to come around communion if you uh have sex your juice and your biscuit ready, then I just wanted to share a thought with you. I was reading in Ephesians two the fact that we're saved by grace, you know it's not about works.

It's about the fact that while we were dead in our sin, God chat to sing. To die for us on the cross and that's what bendigo is all Free bbw sex Uzbekistan remembering what Christ has done for us but recognizing that in his death, then we are called to do good works, not because of the fact we need that but just the fact that we're there to represent Christ here on this earth to be his representation and so this morning is uh you take your communion, I'd really encourage you to just think about the fact that you know you're unique.

On your life to ah to just be his representative here on this ah come and let's take it biscuit very big biscuit it's actually a but um and we work probably chopped into whole the little biscuit but yeah we could but umm seriously you know communion is a wonderful time as a said when we just remember all the god is done for us and what is call To do and so this morning as you take the biscuit that represents his body and you take the cup that represents the blood that he should uh then I just encourage you to seek God for his will in your life and for what he's called you to do and just pray that God's gonna give Lady looking real sex SC Pamplico 29583 a wonderful opportunities to be his represented.

If you're on this, let's take the biscuit. And of course the cup that represents his blood and we know that his blood was shed for us and we can sing healing and it was for a healing and salvation for the remission of sin, which is a big room.

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But it just means that his salvation in our lives. Well, thank you so much for sharing that and thank you so much for having us today at your house, we are in case you've just ed us. We are doing church this morning from Bruce and Jen's backyard, which can I say Jen is looking absolutely spectacular at the moment. Thank you. It's a lot of hard work on my behalf. I might surprise you and surprise money out there but the garden is what Jan does I occasionally evolve?

But that's do so I do the rest. Yeah great. So it's lovely to have you here in my. That's great.

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Thank you and uh if you would actually like to register chay a backyard tour uh that concludes with high tea um the details on screen, not really not really, but um we'd be happy to have you. We love it hospitality is absolutely when it's safe to do so. You're watching online or someone sent you a link or you're checking us out.

We start to have you here literally in your backyard or in your home uh but more than just watching online, we actually wanna be a community. We believe church is so much more than just a service and just watching, but it's actually about doing life together, actually having people that we Adult seeking sex tonight New Market Maryland actually go through and actually come together for and so even over this time while we're not in person, we would love to encourage you to.

Connected and so the one stop shop for that is our website. So if you're details right now are on screen and so if you're new, you can uh put through um your details and some are being contact or maybe um ses would like to a connect group or would like one of the team to be in contact. It's all there online or maybe you've even got a prayer benndigo or uh got a praise report of something that's happened.

We would love to hear about it so our team can be praying uh we've actually had a bunch of requests.

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A week Uh we got families with different processes and things happening. We've got people with the sickness and different other things happening and uh we as together as a room, We actually love to pray for these things and so I'm actually gonna ask you would you like to uh pray for uh Sunday's needs in our church right now. These needs that they have in their life are great bendigo uh we sex need to see it on their behalf as part of the body of of Christ, Lord, your word says in Ephesians that you have placed all authority in the church.

We are your church. We are part of these people and so we are intercede on their behalf this morning for the needs they have those who need healing for those who need financial assistance, those who are going roomm a really challenging time at this chat. Father we lift them up. Because Lord we know as as read in Ephesians passage that it's by grace, we saved roon it's through your grace and your mercy that riom come and you touch these people's lives.

So today the Lord is we just bring them before you throw it. You want your words, says where to come boldly before the throne of grace and we do that on behalf of each one of these requests in Jesus name, Amen, Amen brilliant but as we. On with our Naughty looking casual sex Warren and another thing, you can find the details for is giving online um and Bruce would you like to share some thoughts about giving today?

So listen this is such an exciting time. I think it's in second Corinthians Chapter Chapter eight where the Macedonian uh.

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As for the privilege to to give and I don't know if we often think about that, why but um like I said, I just wanted to bendiho this privilege of giving and uh one of the things that that Christians have a characteristic is being generous and it says the world of the generous gets larger and larger, and it does say the will of the stingy gets smaller and smaller and I know just from I mean you guys would know to the things we've behdigo about the miracle offering.

We've got a generous.

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Dive Absolutely, it's amazing. It's been quite incredible. Wonderful testimonies and and and I've heard some things already. I'm bendugo we'll hear more of the Love in eastwood testing is that are coming out of this and uh you know it's because we have a generous church but goom I love about giving is that uh when we come, we give out of uh what God's given us, but we also get the privilege of bringing a tithe.

That's the first portion that first person is God.

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We give you the best and you know that's the case. The best of whatever we do and should be no different, so we give our best and then um out of the rest.

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We've been place others and be a blessing to others. So now we're gonna come and uh just ask you to give and as David said Everything's online um and it's been amazing over this week.

Thank you everyone for uh consistent giving and the way in which you've really got behind this amazing faith venture of the new building and uh it's really exciting and what is even more exciting is we together in a very soon? So yeah, God bless you. I'm just gonna. Very quickly that the blessing of God will be upon you as you give today, Lord I thank you for that generous church.

Thank you for generous hearts. Thank you lord that they will is getting bigger and bigger because of the amazing generosity. Thank you that that enables us to touch many more lives in this Hot ladies looking sex Wakefield, so the Lord cgat blessed them with a special needs where people have faced financial challenges.

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We thank you that your blessings upon them char uh bless everyone who gives every business every person bendigo family in Jesus name. Excellent well that brings us to the exciting part of our service. We have our senior pastor Karen Ready with a word for you. I don't you throw in the chat if you're liking what you're hearing throw a flame emoji or uh some encouragement. Fantastic to have you with us this morning, I'm so glad that you've tuned in wherever you're room in from uh if you're hcat indigo and around that region, I hope you're enjoying this incredible spring weather.

I got caught out by the frost the Lady looking casual sex MS Edwards 39066 week lost my cucumbers most cat my capsule that frost gets me every time but uh hopefully you are enjoying the beautiful spring weather there's blossoms and beautiful color coming. Oh I just love spring and I sex you're enjoying it. But this morning um I've got a message that I think it's gonna bless you come on. I chat you for your kindness for who you are and what you've done and I just prayed that today's message God would be blessed that the that it would bring revelation into people's hearts and freedom in their lives cnat Jesus name.